I don't care if its a day or a bad night,
I just want to hold you close to me tight,
coz for you there is nothing I can't do,
and all I wanna say is that I love you,
just let me hold you close to me,
so my heart and soul can be happy,
and if you'll hear every beat of my heart,
it says I'll love you till death do us apart...!!

Rishto Ka Dhaga
Itna Kacha Nahi Hota
Kisi ka Dil Todna A6a Nahi Hota
Pyar To Dil Ki Aawaz Hai
Kon Kehta Hai
Ek Taraf Ka Pyar Sacha Nahi Hota...

Tere aane se zindagi mein bahaar aagayi
dost tu kabhi dil se door na jaana
ho agar khatta humse koi anjaane mein toh
yun khafa na rehna hamein zaroor bataana

Badi muddat se chaaha hai tujhe
Badi duao se paaya hai tumhe
Tujhe bhoolne ki soche bhi toh kaise dost
Kismat ki lakeeron se churaaya hai tumhe

Kuch sochu to tera khayal aa jata hai
kuch bolu o tera naam aa jata hai
kb tk chupau dil ki baat
uski hr ada pr hmko pyar aa jata hai….

A cute Love Story:
GIRL:M i Pretty?
Girl:Do U wana Liv wd me?
Girl:if I leav U thn wil u cry?
Grl got Hurt n startd 2 cry.
Boy hold her Tight n said:
U r nt Prety bt BEAUTIFUL.
I dnt wnt 2 liv wd U bt LIVE 4 U.
Whn u leav me i wl nt cry BT DIE.

If ur Asking If I Need U The Ansr Is 4Ever
If ur Askin If Ill Leave U The Ansr Is Nevr
If ur Askin Wat I Value The Ansr Is U
If ur Askin If I Luv U The Ansr Is I Do…

Wen I Look At U
I Cannot Deny There Is God
Cause Only God Could Hv Created Sm1
As Wonderful N Beautiful As U…

Love is the melody of two true heart beating for one another................

Love is no one’s property & beyond wealth and poverty.

One look into his eyes makes me feel like flying and all my problems vanish.

Every time I think about you it provides me a world of happiness and lovely dreams.

Ur voice is so sweet to me that it awakens the depths of my heart.

If Someone asks Me;
"With Whom you Want to
Spend your entire Life ??"

I will Simply say:
......''Someone Who can Understand;
That I am not Perfect..!''

I have liked many but loved very few.
Yet no-one has been as sweet as U.
I would stand and wait in the worlds longest queue.
Just for the pleasure of a moment with U

Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.

~ Samuel Lover

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.

~ Janos Arany