Imagine a running race between Love & Friendship..
Who'll win ?
Ans- None
Friendship always Compromise & Love always Sacrifices..

Whenever U Want
To Know
How Rich U R ?
Don't Count Your Currency. Drop a Tear
How Many Hands Reach Out
To Wipe That.
That's True Richness.

U cn't tap ur back 4 a job, well done
U cn't hug urslf, 4 comfrt
u cn't cry on ur shouldrs,whn tears fall
Dats y u hv frnz in lyf,Let dem do whtevr u cn't.!

A cute thought 4 those who believe in true friendship, it's not necessary 2 share every secret beetween true friends but its important that whatever u share is true.

1. Railway
2. BBC
3. Internet
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5. Telephones
6. Hospitals
7. Police stations
8. A.T.M
9. Air Lines
10. My & My Friendship

Not every bird can dance but peacock did that. Not every flower can represent love but rose did that. Not every FREIND can reach up 2 heart, but u did that..

Life is train,
love is wine,
wife is pain,
family is chain,
experience is gain,
knowledge is brain. But GOOD FREINDSHIP is main

Friend, U might b a little something
in dis big big world.
But hey, u r a big something in my
sweet little world.
Glad to have u..

Time Goes So Fast, Life Asks So Much, No Wonder Even
Best Of Best Frnds Get Out Of Touch! But In
Hearts, Deep, True, Unseen Frndship Stays 4Ever!!!

Thousand Raindrops
falls into Seawater
bt some Drops
only goes2 PEARL
That way
I have
So Many Frnds
in my Life
but u are Special one

Last night God gave me 2 choices:
Either to have a good friend like you,
To have excellent memory,
I dont remember what did I choose..

True bonding is not measurd by the time spent together or favors done for each other but by the comfrt u find whn u realze that u care for each other.