A Beautiful Saying!
Achy Dost Banao
Q K Insan Ki Pehchan
Us Se Nahin
Us K Doston Se Hoti Hai.
Isi Liye Tm Ne Mjhe Dost Bnaya Na.
So value me always

In Aankho Se Sapne Churana Nahi
Hamari D0sti Ko Kabhi Azmana Nahi
Tumare 1 SMS K Badle Hum
100-Call Kar Denge
Par Shart Ye Hai K Tum Ph0ne Uthana Nahi.

Forgeting Friends Is A Crime,
Ignoring Them Is A Shame,
Liking Them Is A Pleasure,
Thinking Of Them Is Necessity
Disturbing Them Is A “Basic Right”

Dont Try To Have Friends
Who Achieve Great Heights.
Have A Friend Who Can Hold You
When You Fall From A Great Height.
“Loyal Friend Is Better Than A Royal Friend”

5 Reasons
Y “U” & “ME” R Friends?
Never Search 4 Reasons..
Cuz Good Friendship Has No Reasons.

Friend is One
Who Tolerates Ur Worst MOOD,
Manages 2 Smile On Ur Idiotic JOKE,
Tries 2 Understnd Ur Craziest DREAM,
& Knws D
Biggest Reason
Behind Ur Smallest Tear!

Starts With “Hi”
Changes To “Whats Up”
Grows To “Oye Pagal”
Tends To “Tu Apna Dimagh Mat Chala”
Falls To “Thappar Khana Hai?”
Finally “Tu Sambhal Lena Yaar”
Thats ‘Fr3ndsh¡P’

Dost Chahey Jitna B Bura Ban Jaye,
Kabi Us Se Dosti Mat Torna
Pani Chahy Jitna B Ganda Ho Jaye,
Aag Bhujane K Liye Kafi Hota Hai…

Bf : Best Friend
Cf : Close Friend
Df : Dear Friend
Gf : Good Friend
Lf : Lovely Friend
Nf : Naughty Friend
Sf : Sweet Friend.

Mujhe Kon Sa Nam Doge Aap?

Dost Ka Pyar Kisi Dua Se Kam Nhi Hota
Wo Chahe Door B Ho To Gham Nhi Hota
Pyar Me Aksar Dosti Kam Ho Jaati He
Par Dosti Me Pyar Kabhi Kam Nhi Hota

Nice Lines For True Friends
I Can’t Promise To Solve
Your All Problems
But I Can Promise
That You Would Not Have
To Face Them Alone

A Philosopher Said:
Choose Your ‘Friend’ Very Carefully,
Because They Will Become
Your “Introduction.”

D sky without stars is like sleep without dreams, like a song without music, like a rose without smell, like a face without smile, like ME without U!

If I could give 1 thing in my life, I would give the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then you realize how special you are to me.