A Friend Is 1 Who Forgives Be4 U Say Sorry
Understands B4 U Even Start Explaining
Waits Forever
When U Say 1 Min
Stays When U Say Leave Me

Friendship is Just Like H2O
No Colour
No Shape
No Place
No Taste
But Is Still Essential For
Living For & Forever!

Frndz R Like Films
Some Are Musical
Some R Romantic
Some R Adventurous
Some R Comedy
And Yet Others R Tragedy
But Very Few Like U
R Oscar Winning!

If U Doubt Our Friendship
Take A Coin And Put Toss
If It Is Head Means..
U R My Friend
If It Is Tail Means…
I Am Ur Friend..
Any How I be wid u,
MY friendship is forever

If I Get Ur Smile
I Don’t Need Flowers
If I Get Ur Voice
I Don’t Need Music
If U Speak To Me
I Don’t Need Anybody Else
If U Are My Friend
I Don’t Need The World

Definition Of My Friend-
My Friend Shud Be:
My Medicine When
I Am In Pain
My Letter When I Am Far
My Smile When I Am Sad
My Hanky When I Cry
My Life When I Die

Respect Those Friends Who Find Time 4 U
In Their Time Table…
Love Those Who Dont Look Their
Time Table When U Need Them…

Dosti Is Sumthing That No 1 Can Hate
Dosti Is A Passion V Find In Our Mate
Dosti Can Happen Anytime Early Or Late
Dosti Is A Medicine Without Expiry Date

Coming Together Is a Beginning
Staying Together Is Progress
Living Together Is Life
Dying Together Is Luv
But Being Apart
Still Together Is Friendship

2 May Talk Together
Under D Same Roof
4 Many Years
Yet Never Really Meet
& 2 Other At 1st Speech
R Old Friendz!

TIME Alone Can Prove D Worth Of Frienship..
As Time Goes By
V Loose D False Ones
N Keep D Best
Just A Sweet Hello
2 One Of D Best….

Ye Dosti Chiraag Hai Ise Jalaye Rakhana
Ye Dosti Gul Hai Ise Khilaye Rakhna
Hum Rahe Na Rahe Iss Jahan May
Bas Humari Yaad Dilme Basaye Rakhna

Old Friends R Gold
New Friends May B Diamond
If U Get Diamond Dont Ever Forget The
Gold Becoz To Hold A Diamond U Always
Need A Base Of Gold

Friendship Is Like War ..
Easy 2 Start …
Difficult 2 End …
Impossible 2 Forget …
So I’m Having A War With U
I Hope That U Don’t Want Peace