koi to DosT meri zindgi mei aisa ho,
Mohabbat ki tarah ho wafaon jiasa ho,
Mero talash ki had us pe khatam ho jay,
Zameen pe ho magar asmaan jaisa ho.....

rab se aap ki khushi mangtay hain,
duaao mein aap ki hansi mangtay hain,
sochtay hain kia mange aap se,
chalo aap ki umar bhar ki dosti mangtay hain...!

anso tere nikle aankh meri ho,
dil tera dharke to dharkan meri ho,
khuda karay dosti hamary itni gehry ho,
saans teri rukay aur mout meri ho

aap ki dosti ka ehsaan maante hain.
nibana apna eman maante hain.
hum wo nahi jo dosti main apna jan daingai,
kyunkeh aap ko hum apni jaan maante hain

A great frend is an extension of ourself
without whom we are not complete
So better take care of urself
because I dont want to loose a part of me!

Crazy Days & Screwed Up Nights
Tons Of Crushes & Stupid Fights
Secrets We will Take To The Grave
Picture We will Forever Save
Through Thicks & Thins, Always True
Friends Forever
Me & You

Is just Like
A Perennial River
Which Flows
It May Change Its Path
But It Will Never Dry Up
Be proud to be my friend

I am Not Shakespear 2 Write About U.
I am Not Sonu 2 Sing About U
I am Not MF Hussain 2 Paint U.
I am Just ur Frnd 2 Say,
I am Always With U.

Flowers Of Friendshipz Neva Give Up
Its A Promize Made forevar.
it Bringz Hapiness to Heart And Mind
& Makes Every Dream Come Alive

God Never Wanted Us 2 Face D Tough Times Alone!
DaTs Y God Made Us
( ‘ ; ‘ ) ( ‘ ; ‘ )

Frends !

In A Multiple Choice World
A F r i e n d
Is Not "A" "B" or "C"
"D".. All Of The Above

Y U R U So Sweet
Y U R So Intellignet
Y U R So Innocent
Y U R So Lucky
Ab Humse Dosti Ki Hai
Itna Faida To Hoga Na

Best gift
Best ehsas
Best feeling
Best relation
Best person
Best friend