Some friends forget,
Some move away,
Some keep silent,
Some just change,
But I am not one of dem,
I remember my friends just for two moments!
"Now & Forever".

W h E r E v E r
Y o U
a R e ,
I t
I s
Y o U r
F r I e N d S
W h O

Having a crush is sweet
falling in love is exciting
having a heart break shocks
but having a friend like you totally rocks

Friend Is An Evergreen Relation
Which Never Thinks
Y We r Friends,
But Wen 2 Friends Miss
Each Other Their Heart
Feels Something Is Missing

D Best Friends
In Life May Not Be
Always There Wen U
Want Them
Are Always There Wen
U Need Them

2 make frend is our choice but
its not in our power 2 keep them
no matter wh8 v do 2 them
so always treasure
them as if they were d
only thing u evr wantd 2 posses ...

I Am Beside U.
I Wl Comfort U.
U May Cry On My Shoulder.
Need A Hug.?
My Arms R Urs.
Y? Bcoz Ur My Best Friend

People Say
True Friends Must
Always Hold Hands
True Friends Need Not
To Hold Hands
They Know The Other
Hand Will Always Be

Wen True Friends
Meet In A Adverse Hour
this Is Like A Sunbeam
Through A Shower
A Watery Way
An Instant Seen
The Darkly Closing
Clouds Between

A Good Friend Is A
Connection 2 Life
A Tie 2 Past
A Road 2 Future
The Key 2 Sanity
In A Totally Insane World ...

we r not of same blood..
we r born n grown in diff places,
we hav diff tastes n lifestyles..
but still our hearts r connected wid a single feeling called

I made a list
of spcl persons in my life wid pencil,
wen I came 2
ur name I decided 2 use permanent marker
bcoz I want 2 keep u in my life 4evr.