Is like A bank account ...
U can’t continue to draw on it
without making deposits

Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.

Flowers Of True F R I E N D S H I P
Never Fade Even In Harsh Condition
F R I E N D S H I P Never Gives Up
It is a P R O M I S E
Made Forever

best friendz
are like
a favourite pair
of blue jeans ... !!!
they get better
as the tym passes ..

Aaj phir kisi Ne Pucha K Tera
Hasta Hua Chehra Udas Q
Barsti Aankhon Mein Piyas Q
Jinki Nazron Mein Tu kuch B nahi!
Wo Tere liye Itna Khaas Q

Kehne ko hamare pas lafz nai hain
Bhejne ko acha sa SMS nai hai
Par dil se 1awaz ati hai har bar
Apna khayal rakha karo
Q k hamare pas ap jesa dost nai.

Sumtime We Think Of
Why Frndz Keep 4wrdng Msgs To Us Widout Speakng Words ?
The Reason Is Dat, Daily They Have Nothing To Say
Still Want To Keep In Touch

The Worlds Most Happiest
Friends Never Have
D Same Characters. . .
D JusT Have The
Best Understanding
Of Their Differences.

Life Is A Blank Page.
Each Frnd Holds A Pen
Nd Writes Their Own $TORY
In Everyones LIFE..!
Thanks 4 Covering
Some WONDERFUL Pgs In My Life..

Pain Of Missing Friends
Is Realised When U R Alone
Watching A Gang Of Friends
Enjoying In Front Of U
And U Remembring D Past
Which U Spent With Ur Friends. .

Friendship is like playing on seesaw, not only because its always fun with u...but also because i wouldn't mind going down to see u rise...

Aisi Kia Dua Doon Tum Ko, Jo Tumhari Labon Pe hansi k Phool Khila day..
Bass Yehi Dua Hai Meri, Sitaron Si Roshni Khuda Tumhari Taqdeer bana De

Friends are like colour pencils, they colour our lives, I may not be your favourite COLOUR , But hope you will need me some where to complete ur picture !