"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out"
-Walter Winchell

Friendship is made up of Light, Love, and Laughter...
making everything seem shiny and new

Alphabetic advice 4 U:
Avoid Bad Company.
Don’t Entertain Fools.
Go 4 High Ideas.
Just Keep Lovely friend like me.

u may b a boy
or a girl
u may flirt a lot
u may b fat
u may talk a lot
u may think u r D Prince
or D Princess
u may b bad
or u cud b gud
u may b in D circus
or work as a D.J
u may b weird
or u may b cool
but u r still sweet friend

There comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential. That 1 is not Just friend but Best friend.

A lover Says, I will be with in all UR troubles...
a good friend says...U will have no trouble when I m wid u...

What U R 2 Me
A quick glance, a tender smile
I am caught in a spell
A gentle touch, a warm embrace
I know that all 2 well
A soft voice, an unspoken love
Across D way I see
A kind face, an inner beauty
Thats what U R 2 me

Dost 1 Sahil Hai Tufan K Liye
Dost 1 Ayina Hay Armano Liye
Dost 1 Mahfil Hai Anjano K Liye
Dost 1 Kwahish Hai...
Aap Jaise Dost Paane K Liye

nahi ban jata koi yu hi dil lagane se,
karni padti hai dua rab se sachcha dost pane me,
rakhna sambhal ke dosti apni,
tod na dena ye kisi ke bahkane se.

Dosti yakin pe tiki hoti hai,
Ye diwar badi mushkil se khadi hoti hai,
Kabhi fursat mile to padhna kitab risto ki,
Dosti khoon ke risto se badi hoti hai

In my dreams, we were never apart. In my dreams U kept me close. In my dreams you loved me D most. In my dreams we're always together. Might my dreams always turn.

UR Strong Like RUM
Fine Like WINE
Cool Like BEER
Classic Like WHISKY
Sofisticated Like VODKA
It Means Im Tottally TUNN In Ur Friendship

consult UR friend on all things, especially on those which respect yourself. his counsel may then be useful where UR own self-love might impair UR judgement

1 Friend In Life Time Is Much, 2 r Many, 3 r Hardly Possible . . . Friendship Needs A Certain Parallelism Of Life, A Community Of Thought, A Rivalry Of Aim ...

Ab Aur Manzil Pane Ki Hasrat Nahi
Kisi Ki Yaad Me Mar Jane Ki Fitrat Nahi
Aap Jese Dost Jabse Mile
Kisi Aur Ko Dost Banane Ki Zarurat Nahi