:: Funny sms in Hindi 140 words ::
The fnuny tnihg abuot
tihs sms is taht
eevn tohugh all the
wrods are msesed up
you can sitll raed it ...

:: Funny sms in Hindi 140 words ::
A Toilet is like a committee meeting room.
People come with lot of pressure,
create a lot of noise
and ultimately

:: Funny sms in Hindi 140 words ::
somtimes wen i cry no 1 c my tears,
wen i m woried no 1 c my pain,
wen i m happy no 1 c my smile.

sala! 1 ladki ke sath goomey to sab dekhte hai

:: small funny sms ::
"The Non-Toppers"
Are More Experienced Than
"The Toppers"
...Toppers FAIL To FEEL
How It FEELS To FAIL . .

(Back Benchers Association)

Teacher: Do you know as to why did the World Wildlife Fund choose the giant panda as their symbol?
Pappu: Because they didn't have a colour printer!

There is nothing more expensive than a single drop of a female/girl tear!
When a tear falls, it first mixes with 'MAC' eyeliner and 'Maybelline' mascara;
Then it comes down to the cheek, it mixes with "La Femme" blusher;
And in case it touches the lips, it gets mixed with 'Lancome' lipstick;
This means that a single drop is worth at least Rs 15000!

You can never ask a girl her age. There is no such concept.
They don't have age but age groups which are follows:
Baby, Babes, Bebe and Biji!

Most people aren't sorry; just sorry they got caught.

Reality is an illusion that occurs due to lack of alcohol.

Q: Why are Egyptian children always confused?
A: Because after death, their DADDY becomes a MUMMY.

iPhone » Android » Nokia » Land phone » Typewriter » 2 cans and a string » Message in a bottle » Pigeon with a note taped to it » Blackberry

If you ever find a woman who is Gorgeous and glamorous; has a nice figure, intelligent, gets things done on her own, drives a car very well, cooks best food, has little expectations and is not at all materialistic and loves you unconditionally, let it be known that the alcohol you have consumed is of the highest quality!

I've taken a vow of poverty. To annoy me, my friends send money.

Only 3 living beings are immune to cold:
1. Polar bears
2. Penguins
3. Girls wearing sleeveless and backless dresses in marriages during severe winter.

Pappu and Pinky were arguing over the breakfast table.
"You're so stupid," said Pappu.
"That's enough" said their dad. "Pappu, say sorry to Pinky", added Santa.
Pappu: I'm sorry you're so stupid!

Banta: What's the difference between us and Camels?
Santa: They can work without drinking for 7 days
We can drink without working for 7 days!

Only "Itch Guard" can claim that it started it's business from 'scratch'.

Two prisoners were waiting to be executed. "Any last requests?" asked the jailer.
"Yes", replied one of the prisoners. "I love music; so before I die, could you play me something by Himesh Resham"
And the second prisoner said, "Please kill me first."

Teacher: Wht do u want to be when you grow up?
Pappu: I want to follow in my father's footsteps and be a policeman.
Teacher: I didn't know your father was a policeman.
Pappu: He isn't. He's a burglar!

When I was in darknes,you gave me light.
You gave me strength to make life bright.
Thank you so much. ..
PHILIPS TUBELIGHT...................very short funny sms

V Need A Way Of Telling
People They Have Bad
Breath Without Hurting
Their Feelings
"Well I M Bored
Let's Go Brush 0ur Teeth ...

Y r u so opposite to me?
When i say tea,u say coffee!
I say white,u say black!
I went to dental hospital,u went to mental hospital!
I came back and u still there!

tips 4 boys-
if you marry one girl,she will fight with you.
if you marry two girls,they will fight for u....
think different

:: latest, new, best, English funny sms, collection ::
Children: You spend the first 2 years teaching them to walk and talk.
Then the next 16 years telling them to sit down and shut-up.

:: latest, new, best, English funny sms, collection ::
believe in love ...!Love has great power !
It can " REMOVE " misunderstandings,Anxieties, worries Doubts,Fears ,Tears ,T shirts,Tops, Jeans etc etc etc ..

If You Look At The Sky Tonight
And Notice That The Brightest Star Is Missing,
I Swear I Have No Clue
How The Hell I Fell From Sky But I'm OK

Boys are stronger than Girls??

Ohh Please !!
No Ways!!!
Can they carry 8kg of shopping bag?
Can they go a week eating only salad?
Can they face a heart break?

After 0ur Last Argument,
I Told My Girlfriend,
"I Hope Your Next Boyfriend
Appreciates The Improvements
I've Made In You .

A newly wedded desperate soldier sends a hand-grenade to his mother-in-law, with a note:
Dearest Mom,
If you pull this ring, I'll be able to get 3 days leave.

Laughter is d Best medicine,
But if u r laughing without any reason, U need Medicine..

Santa: My wife is a very careful driver.
Banta: How do you know that?
Santa: She always slows down when passing a red light!

:: Full Dose of Laughter - Nonstop ::

I bought a new printer because
it was cheaper than ink refills.
Now I'm wondering how long before
new cars are cheaper than fuel.

Human-beings get rich as they grow old:
Silver in Hair;
Gold in Teeth;
Sugar in Blood;
Precious Stones in Kidney;
And a never ending supply of Gas

What's the similarity between Income Tax and a Caller Tune?
In both the cases, one pays the money and others enjoy.