Four things which brings tears to the eye:
Broken Love.
Separated Friendship.

Q: What did John Logie Baird found when he invented television?

Ans: There is Rajni’s movie already telecasting!

Compromise : The art of dividing a cake in such a way that

everybody believes he got the biggest piece.

If you want to check your brain
Stand in front of cow
Agar aap ke pass aye to samajh lena ke bhoosa hai,
Aur agar chali jaye to samajh lena khali hai.......................

:: short funny sms in English ::
Facebook Fact
Every 0ne Makes An
Account For Friendship
And Then Becomes
...Addicted To Collect
"LIKES and COMMENTS" . . .

~: Height of Disappointment :~

Using Dial-Up Connection 0n
Your PC In The Age 0f 3G
Completing Your Tea Before
A Simple Static Web-page .

:: short funny sms in Hindi ::
is duniya me 3 log bahut acche hai....
1 main
2. fir se mein
3. Aap....
ka friend.... mein

:: short funny sms in Hindi ::
1970 ki mom 2 her son-beta apne relign ki ladki se shadi krna
1980-apne caste ki
1990-apne level ki
2000-apne desh ki
2010-KAMINEY ladki se hi karna

:: short funny sms in Hindi ::
Ek Machar perasaan baitha tha.
2sre ne pucha kiya hua?
1st-yaar gajab ho rha hai.
Chuhedani me chuha,
Sabundani me sabun,
Mgar macchardani me admi so rha hai.

:: Funny sms in Hindi 140 words ::
Female's criteria for
Life partner . . .
They expect their men to
Look like "mr. Universe"
Work like "ramu kaka. .