Wife saw sign board:
Banarsi Sari 15/-
Nylon 10/-
Cotton 20/-
Wyf: Give me Rs 300, I'll buy 20 Banarsi saris.
Husb: Ye istri ki dukan hai!

"Girls policy"
Flirt with inocent boys
Fun wid handsome boys
Frndshp wid gud boys
Love wid faithfull boys
Finally marriage wid rich & successful guys

1 Nadan Choti Si Machli Ne Apni Maa Se Pucha: Hum
Zameen Par Kyu Nahi Rehte ?
Anubhav Se Shikhi Ma Boli : Beta Pani
Fish K Liye H Aur Zameen Selfish K Liye...

Professor:-akal badi ya bhais?
Muna bhai:-bole to pahle date of birth bata mamu.

3 mistakes of my life
Gender : Male
Category : General
Qualification : Engineer

Woh aj b chiku leke mujhe dhoond raha hai
Maine 1 bar galti se usy keh dia tha k
dil cher k dekh tera he naam hoga

.( : )
. J L
qasai ka bacha hai yaar

Jo Kehte The Hmain Tm Manngo To Jan Bi Hazir Hai…
Aj 50 Ka recharge krane ko bola To Kehty Hai Sub Dukanae Bnd Hain…

Roye wo is kadar unki lash se lipat kar.... . . .
Ke laash khud uth kar boli,
Batameez uper hi chada ja raha ha garmi me..

Duniya buri ho sakti hai "TUM NAHI"
Log bure ho sakte hai "TUM NAHI"
Duniya bewafa ho skti hai "TUM NAHI"
Pagal theek ho skte hai "TUM NAHI"...

Doctor: Tell ur husband that u r pregnant. Girl: But iam unmarried.
Doctor: Then inform ur boyfriend. Girl: I don't have any. Dr: Then tell ur mom that Jesus is coming again..

Boy: u r d sunshine of my life..
without u life is cloudy..
u r in my heart like rain,water 4 barren land....
Gal: is this proposal or "WEATHER REPORT"....

A naughty answer given by a girl when asked.. How U feel when a boy gives U a flying kiss..? Girl: I feel boys are lazy..

If we were born knowing every thing,
Den wat world we do with all the time on this planet?
Be proud to say..."I DON'T KNOWS"!

Don't steal, don't lie and don't cheat. The government hates competition.

Banta: What's the difference between Pollution and Solution?
Santa: If a politician drowns in a river it's Pollution, and if all of them drown then it's a Solution!

Santa: You will never succeed, in making that dog obey you.
Jeeto: Nonsense it's only a matter of patience, I had a lot of trouble with u at first.

A Conducter Kised A Girl In His Bus...
Police Took The Conducter 2 Jail....
And Gave Him Electric Shocks ......
But It Had No Efect!
Why ?
B'coz He Was A
Its Physics Friends....

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