Choti Si Bat Jisay Bahut Kam Log Samjtay H
Aasu Tab Nhi Aate Jab App Kisi Ko Kho Dete He,
Ye To Tab Aate H Jab Aap Khud Ko Kho Kar Bhi
Kisi Ko Pa Nhi Sktay.

We Have 5 Fingers For Five Reasons !!
Little Finger To Make Promises For our Bestfriends..
Ring Finger For Someone Special When The Time Is Right..
Middle Finger To Those Who Are Jealeous & Show High Attitude To us..
Index Finger To Silence Those Who Speak against us..
Thumb To Show The Rest Of The World That we'll Be Fine No Matter How Hard Life Is.

Sara Jaha H Uska Jo Muskurana Sikh Le.
Roshni H Uski Jo Shama Jalana Sikh Le.
Hr Gali Me Mandir,
Hr Raah Me Maszid H.
Pr Ishwar H Uska Jo Sir Jhukana Sikh le.

Rab ne maa ko ye azamt kamal di.
Uski dua per musibat bhi tal di.
Upar wale ne ma ke pyar ki kuch is tarah missal di.
Ki Jannat utha ke Ma ke kadmo me daal di.

Har Ladka kisi Ladki ki zindgi m pehla Ladka hona chahta h, or
har Ladki kisi Ladke ki zindgi m aakhri ladki hona chahti h..
Aisa kyu? RepLy with solid ANSWER.

My simple attitude:)
I'm not single and I'm not committed..
I'm simply on reserve
for d one who deserves..!

Apno ki inayat kabhi khatm nahi hoti,
risto ki mehak durio se kum nahi hoti,
jeevan me agar sath ho sache risto ka,
to zindgi jannat se kum nahi hoti.

Taqdeer ne jaise chaha dhal gaye hum,
bahut sambhal ke chale fir bhi fisal gaye hum,
hum to kisi ko bhula na sake, fir bhi sabko laga ki badal gaye hum.

Ans : "TEAR" ..It is made of
1 % water
99 % feelings...!!
Don't waste it..!!

2 Nice thoughts - "Pray as if evrythng dpends on God & work as if evrythng depends on u."
"To handle urself use ur brain & 2 handle othrs use ur heart...".

A true thing-
"Anyone can make u happy
by doing something special..
but only someone special can make u happy without doing anything.." :-)
gud ny8.

Respect the emotions in somone's heart,
Rather than d expressions on som1's face.
Coz, expression is just d formality, bt emotions r the reality.

"Attraction is the temporary love". but "love is d permanent attraction".
Just a game of words but makes lot of difference in life.
Good mrng.

Dont waste ur affection to a wrong 1 who is nt responding,
but dont miss to keep ur affection to the right 1 who respects it.

Excellent Attitude..
"I am not saying that I am Special...
I am just one of God's Limited Editions..!!!:-)

A good heart & a good nature R 2 different issues,
A good heart can win many relationships,
But a good nature can win many hearts.

Never hide ur secrets from a person who can read ur Eyez couse the one who reads ur Eyes is always expert in reading ur Heart...

A Heart Touching Fight-

GIRL- "I want to end our Relationship.
I m going to return evrything u gav me"
BOY- "Ok... then, Let's Start wid
Hugs & Kisses....

pati patni bade hi khusi se reh rhe the...unki 25 aniversry thi
news reporter unk ghar gaye woh bahut famus couple the
reporter-ap k bech kabhi ladai nhi hoti?
pati-hm honeymoon pe gaye the.. mai aur meri patni horse pe baith k ghum rahe the...
bivi k horse ne use gira diya to meri bivi ne bola- pehli bar,aur woh phir use horse pe chad gye
horse ne phir giraya to boli- dusari bar,aur phir chad gye
horse ne phir giraya-kuch nhi boli,gun nikala aur horse ko mar diya
maine bola yeh tmne kya kiya,kyu mar diya,to ushne bola pehli bar
tab se hm santi se reh rahe hai