Santa traveling in a train gets down in evry station n buy ticket 4 next station.Guess Why?
Bcoz doctor told 2 him avoid Long Journey

Sardar is driving a jeep in jungle.

Tourist: If lion follows very close to us then how can we escape?
Sardar:Give right indicator & take left turn.:-)

Santa: Mere pass gaddi,bungla,paisa hai..tere pass kya hai?

Banta:Mere pass bhi gaddi,bungla,paisa hai

Santa:Mar gaye..Phir apni Maa kiske pass hai?

SANTA Ur son is Dead.Aftr Hearing Dis Santa jumps frm 50th floor.
Wen he reachd 35th Flr he think "I dnt hav Son"
20th Floor:
I'm not married
3rd Floor:
Shit! I'm BANTA.

Judge: Why were u arrested?
Santa: For shopping early.
Judge: Well, that's not a crime. Anyway, how early were u shopping?
Santa: Before the shop opened.

Santa: Will U marry, after I die.
Jeeto: No, I will live with my sister. Jeeto: Will U marry, after I die.
Santa: No, I will also live with your sister.

2 men were searching for their lost wife in a festival.
Santa:What does your wife look like?
Banta:She is 5'7", 36-24-36 sexy figure, fair, sweet, beautiful, green sexy eyes, brown hair, and yours?
Santa: Forget mine, let us look for yours.

1 Chor Santa ka mobile le k bhag raha tha
Santa:Bhag sale Bhag bhag
Charger toh mere pas hai

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Sardar to his friend.. I kiss my wife everyday before i go to office..

& u?

Friend: i kiss ur wife after u go to office.
Sardar: ha ha ha..i m the first..

Santa:Papa aaj meri Girl4nd ki birhday he. Use kya du..?
Papa:Dekhne me kaisi hai?
Santa:Mast hai..
Papa:Mera mobile number de de!

One day Sardar went to a shop.
Let him go. You do ur job. Always dont expect jokes on him..

Sardar sent SMS to his BOSS: “Me sick, no work”
Boss SMS back: “When I am sick I kiss my wife try it”
2 hours later sardar sms 2 boss: “Me ok, ur wife very sweet”