I miss you so much because it's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember!

I miss U so much
I miss U like crazy
when we arnt together
I become so lazy…

wen u miss som1.
D Prsn is defintly spcl 2 u, right?
but D point is, it D prsn is so spcl why u miss, just
keep in touch

Wid evry breath I take
Wid evry song I sing
I think about U
D love & care
Wid which U entered into my life
Sweetheart I’m missing U lot

In d Flower My Rose Is u,
In d Diamond My Kohinoor Is u,
In d Sky My Moon Is u,
I am 1ly Body My Heart Is u,
That's Why I Always MISS U

U- Ever miss me, never u cry. 4a drop of tear in ur eyes, is a day less in my life.

Wen u r lonly I m sad, wen u r happy i m glad, rmbr dat whatever u feel once I feel it twice , So if u feel u miss me once,...... I miss u twice

I eat T.V
watch D Food.
I baked Book
studies cake.
I switched off D bed
slept on fan.
This is de condition wen

Miss me wid every breath U take,
miss me with any dream & plan U make, miss me wid every wish that come true, miss me like "I am missing you".

I miss D beautiful eyes that I can sail through forever. I miss D smile that send me to heaven. I miss U !!

I miss D touch that comforts me in times of despair. I miss every part of a second I spent wid U

Do u think u r 1?
that I cant live widout U.
well, if u think that i think about u soo much
nd I miss u always
then u r absolutely
correct !!!

I am waiting and hoping and wishing 4 D time, when we can be together again! I Miss You!

U r D sun in my day, D wind in my sky, D waves in my ocean and D beat in my heart... I Miss You...

We always miss some1 very spcl in life 1ly for 2 reasons:-
Either that prsn was sometime wid u
U always wanted to b wid that prsn.

PPL whom u miss in ur happiness is d 1 whom u luv, but d ppl whom u miss in ur sadness is D 1 who loves 2 U

There r moments in life when U miss some1 so much that U just want 2 pick them from ur dreams and hug them 4 real.