In d Flower My Rose Is u,
In d Diamond My Kohinoor Is u,
In d Sky My Moon Is u,
I am 1ly Body My Heart Is u,
That's Why I Always MISS U

Wid evry breath I take
Wid evry song I sing
I think about U
D love & care
Wid which U entered into my life
Sweetheart I’m missing U lot

Woh Miss nhi karte Wo Kiss nhi karte,
Subh se Shaam ho jati h
Kambakhat Wo Wish nhi karte,
Hamari to Jaan nikal jati h,
Judai me unkii,
Ek wo bereham he jo Isshh nhi karte.

Days r too busy. Hours r too few.
Seconds r too fast.
but ther is alwys a tym,
for me to ask how r u? hope
u r fine.. miss u a lot..

Smetims, I 4get 2 say hi,
Smtms, I evn mis 2 Rply,
But, it dsn't mean that I 4get u, I m just giving u time 2 miss me !
"! m!s u"

Ek Rose
un dosto ke liye
milte nahi
Roz Roz
yaad aate hai
har roz....

Try this,
1.go to write messages
2.put on dictionary
3.cover the screen with hand 4164771968
5.gently remove ur hand..and see d magic...4m heart..

Wen u Mis Sum1,d prsn is defintly spcl 2u..
Bt my ques. is-
"If d prsn is so Spcl,
Y to Mis dem,
Just keep in touch yaar
alwys n 4ever

U think of me
i think of u
then what it means

it means both we have no job

When u r alone,remember me,I'm waiting 4 u.When u can't smile,trust me I can make u laugh.But when u r in a crowd of friends remember,I am alone.

You can miss someone that died..
You can miss someone that moved away..
But the worst way to miss someone is missing someone