LOVE belongs 2 Boy & Girl
STUDY belongs 2 Teacher & Student
LIFE belongs 2 Husband & wife
True love belongs 2 just "U" & "ME"

Defination of HUG- "Wen u Luv d soul of sum1 too much n u cant dscribe ur feeling by any comunication & want 2 gve a luving Touch 2 dat 1 whom u luv da most"

U're My 1st THOUGHT In The Morning
Every MOMENT In Between
I'm Lost In Ur Eyes
When Night Arrives
U Are In My Dream
Miss U Swt Heart.

A sweet Luv talk.
Boy: I dont dance but wud luv 2 hold u while u do.
Girl: Even I dnt dance but wud luv 2 dance if it gives me a reason 2b in ur arms...:-)

5 Lovable words:-
"I am alone without u "
4 Pleasant words:-
"I care 4 u"
3 Sweet words:-
"I like u"
2 Special words:-
"Miss U "
1 Important word:-
" U "

People say v r crazy wen v smile wid no reason wen v r alone,
They nvr knw its d real smile wid sweetest reason wid sum1 in thoughtz..

I Live wid Faith... &whethr i c u or not, i knw ur still d same! A cute.luvable n stupid frnd of mine wid no chances of improvmnt bt Still d best!

If i m out of tme n i cud pic 1day 1moment n keep it new,of all of d day i have lived i wud pick d day i met u,

Words cnt express wat i feel on u,
Its also difficult 4 me to prove,
Bt i knw my heart z true wen i say i m lucky 2 hv a frnd like u..

Wat is real bt invisble?
Ur care.
Wat is true bt unfair?
Ur absence.
Wat is sweet bt naughty?
Ur swile.
Wat is precious bt priceles?
Our relation.

My feelngs r tru n i swear on god,
Dont get me wrng bcoz dis might sound 2 u a bit odd, let me hold u in my arms jst 1 more tme
So tht i cn believe dat u r mine

Leaves May 4get D Tree waves
May 4get D Sea Flowers may 4get d Bee
Even U may 4get Me
I ll Never 4get U

A hug dsn't only mean 2 hv sm1 in ur arms
But 2 relax tht prsn 4m all sorrows n realiz dm dt thr is sm1 who has dvotd der lyf jus 2 mke u smyl face 4ever.

Love N Friendship..
Its a package of "feelings",
Nobody can "Make it",
Nobody can "Break it", Nobody can "Explain it",
Only "I" n "U" can "feel it" .

Sweetest One -
Sweet i am,
but honey is you !!
image is mine,
but colours are you !!
flowers is me,
but fragnance is you
happy i am,
but reason is u...
Love U

I can nvr let my heart break,
if it beats 4u,
i can nvr let my smile fade, if it smiles 4u.
I can nvr let my love end, if its 4u..