Friend: I got a brand new Ford IKON for my wife!
Santa: Wow.! That's an unbelievable exchange offer!

Santa was taking nkd bath in a jungle.
All animals were laughing at him.
Santa :why ru laughing?
Animals:ha ha....Your tail is in front side....

1 Hand on pen
other on phone
1 Ear on Lecture
Other on Gossip
1 Eye on Board
Other on Lover
Who say that Student Life is Easy ?
Actually students are very busy..

Whenever I miss U I read ur sms Whenever I want to see U, jokes in english
I jst close my eyes Whenever I want to hear ur voice I throw stones at DOGs

Santa calls at the airport, "How long is the journey from Chandigarh to Delhi? santa banta funny jokes
Receptionist: 45 Minutes, Sir!
Santa: Only that much! Thanks, I rather walk then spend so much on the air fare.

Love and friendship doesn't die due to distance, it's killed by the petrol and diesel price hike.

USA: If you attack us, we will attack you.
ISRAEL: If you attack us, we will demolish you.
INDIA: If you attack us, we will not play Cricket with you!

The government should make it mandatory to print a "Statutory Warning" on Wedding Cards
like on Cigarette packets that: Marriage may be injurious to Wealth!

Santa to psychologist, "My wife treats me like a dog!" santa banta jokes
Psychologist: Does she abuse, hit or starve you?
Santa: No No... It's a worse! She wants me to be faithful!

Read this fast N Loudly Dear Friend - funny sms for friends

Coffee Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee Coffee
You are Selected to
Work in the "Railway Station"

MBA student hugs a girl
Girl: what is dis ?
Boy: direct marketing
Girl: slaps a boy
Boy: what is dis ?? .
Girl: customer's feedback latest jokes

MARRIAGE is just a fancy word for adopting an over-grown female child who can't be handled by her parents anymore. marriage jokes

Ultimate insult..
I Iove your smile becoz..
My most favorite colour is "YELLOW"!!

Boy to Diana Penty - wil u marry me???
Diana- wat will u do for me??
Boy- I will giv u a better surname.!

Santa waitin at bus stop 1 gentelman came there by 2 wheeler n askea 'u want lift'
Santa: 'No thanks my house is in ground floor' very funny santa banta jokes

Banta: What's Marriage?
Santa: Marriage is the 7th sense of humans that destroys all the six senses and makes the person Non-sense.